Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?
In most cases it depends on the client’s calendar, the size of the estate and the amount of preparation to set up, price and conduct the sale. Some sales have been set up in a week and some sales have taken 4 weeks. Our objective will be to meet the needs of you the client.
What do I need to know?
Don’t throw anything away. You will be surprised what sells.
Determine what you want to keep from your estate for yourself and for your family prior to the initial consultation.
Please remove any personal items.
Please keep all utilities on except telephone.
Contact us via phone or email to arrange a time for our free consultation. This is when we determine what your needs and wishes are and set up the guidelines for the sale.
Will there be any upfront cost or out of pocket expenses for me?
When will I get paid?
Your proceeds will be paid to you after the sale, usually within two to three days.
How do you get paid?
Our competitive fee is paid at the completion of the sale. This fee is a percentage of the total gross sales. This percentage is agreed upon at the initial consultation after we have evaluated the estate and determined the amount of time necessary to prepare and conduct the sale.